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Resources for FAAB, Non-Male Identified People Who Want Top Surgery

This is a compilation of resources for female-assigned-at-birth (FAAB), non-male identified people who want top surgery.  This document will include a list of surgeons who are willing to perform top surgery on genderqueer/non-male-identified people, as well as a list of blogs of people who want top surgery or have had top surgery but are not male-identified.

This information has been collected from a variety of sources.  If there is something you see that needs to be added or corrected, please let me know.  I want to make this list as comprehensive as possible!

The re-bloggable, Tumblr version can be found here.  Please reblog it if you have a Tumblr – – I want this information to reach as many people as possible.


SURGEONS (Those who are italicized do NOT require a therapist’s letter)



  • Katy Koonce – Katy is willing to do phone sessions with and write letters for people all over the US.  Her contact information can be found here: