This blog started as an exploration into my (at the time) new-found interest in other butches.  While it will continue to focus on that, it’s also evolving into a lot more.

I’m a female-identified butch in her late-20s who grew up in the Bible Belt of the United States and has a lot of Feelings about that.  I also happen to have had top surgery.  Yes, I have had top surgery and no, I do not identify as male– at all.  I have a very limited amount of willingness to engage with LGBTQ community members who try to insist that I am a trans man who just hasn’t come out yet– please don’t do this.

Now that that’s out of the way:  I’m a butch who is into tops of any gender expression/presentation but has a maaaaajor soft spot/preference for other butches, studs, and otherwise masculine of center people (who are not male-identified).  This blog is explicitly trans-inclusive, meaning when I say butches and studs I mean people who identify that way, whether they are designated female at birth (DFAB) or designated male at birth (DMAB).   Transmisogynist comments on my blog will be deleted and result in you being blocked.



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